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Ben Sherman, better than the original.

In the early 1960s, Sugarman realized that the shirts worn by American jazz artists like Oscar Peterson or Miles Davis were very trendy, with American collars and 2 buttons. They could only be imported from the United States at this time and he decided to produce his own version of these shirts, as well as beachwear clothes, in beautiful colors, along with high-quality materials and stitching details compared to the imported shirts. And that is how the Ben Sherman brand was officially launched. In 1965, the company opened a showroom for their collections, and the first store opened its doors in Brighton in 1967.

Ben Sherman, the evolution.

Sugarman immigrated in Australia in 1975 and the company was sold, passing through many hands in several years until it has been owned by Oxford Industries in 2004. The company launched women’s and children’s collections in the 2000s but they were discontinued in 2010. It is now selling shirts, suits, shoes, outerwear, sweaters or accessories for men. The website was launched in 2011. The brand works with young designers using new cuts, clothes, materials and technology, renovating men’s fashion, in order to respond to the demand and the impetus. It is now present in New York or Los Angeles, and represents the best export clothes from England.

The legendary British fashion brand, Ben Sherman, was founded in 1963 under the leadership of Arthur Benjamin Sugarman in Brighton. Firmly associated with the musical universe - and particularly with punk and brit-pop currents - Ben Sherman now enjoys great success worldwide with lines for men, women and children.
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20 Items