Founded by two Parisians in love with driving moccasins, Bobbies offers a nonconformist take on these must-have shoes. Guided by a French flair that immerses the offbeat within an up-market universe, Bobbies has succeeded in combining a multitude of colors with energetic cuts to offer men a casual and fresh style.


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Bobbies, a lucky impulse.

What is Bobbies ? It is a French colored moccasin brand founded in Paris in 2010. How was it born ? Just by the fact that two friends : Antoine Bolze and Alexis Maugey were bored during their internship and decided on an impulse to create their own company. Starting with nothing, after one year of hard work, the two colleagues made it a success.

Bobbies, from nothing to a renowned brand.

When the two colleagues started this business, they knew absolutely nothing about shoes. The whole story is a great adventure, they had to do everything by themselves, applying for a bank loan, going door to door to sell the products and so on. They even received some of the stock in the morning of the first launch. But this resulted to a great success as they immediately sold 800.000 pairs of shoes.

Bobbies’ style and expansion.

Both founders of the company are mocassin lovers, but found that all shoes were the same. They wanted to “color” them, then sell them with a good quality price ratio. The brand aims to modernize the moccasin and to make it a lot funnier. They have begun with just a private sale on Facebook, where they sold 400 pairs, then a first collection in 2010, and the first women’s line in 2011. Today, Bobbies has 160 points of sale around the world, with a team of 8 people, but they declare that there are still many things to do, especially working on the prosperity of the brand.