Founded in 1889 in Detroit, USA, Carhartt has grown from a workwear manufacturer to become a flagship brand on the street wear scene, with its huge range of resistant, comfortable and quality clothing, that never neglects style. Carhartt is nowadays intimately linked to emerging artists, musicians, skateboarders and BMX riders. Discover our menswear selection : jackets, jeans, shirts, pants...

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CARHARTT, work wear

Hamilton Carhartt is the name to remember. This native of Michigan is the founder of the actual Carhartt Inc., which was Hamilton Carhartt Manufacturer then. This company was established by this ambitious man in 1889 in Detroit. At this time, traveling by train was customary and there were many railroad workers. After a long discussion with them about their needs to have long lasting and resistant work clothing, Hamilton decided to create work garments for railroad workers. The overalls produced by Carhartt Company were made in denim fabrics and brown cotton duck. It was a kind of really resilient canvas, which is still characteristic of Carhartt until now. This really fulfilled the worker’s needs, and Carhartt started therefore its expansion and offered its products to other workers. The expansion was so substantial that new mills, sewing equipment and new offices emerged in a lot of countries.

CARHARTT Work In Progress

In the 1990s, Carhartt Work In Progress appeared in Europe, a distribution network which aimed at a more popular market : street wear, still made from the initial and recognized work wear, and with the quality, durability and comfort Carhartt products are known for. And this was a success ! Carhartt WIP seduces everyone. Their street clothing is nowadays very trendy. Everyone knows Carhartt for the vests, coats, jeans, shirts as well as the dungarees and overalls they always produced. Much more, Carhartt is known for the fact that they always offer to their employees attractive work conditions by promoting union label and putting on their products the labels : “Union-made” and “Crafted with pride in USA”.