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Church’s, a luxury footwear

Church’s offers the finest handmade shoes in England. The brand is well-known for its flawless and top quality products. It conveys a mixture of classical style and sophisticated elegance to its wearer, thanks to best quality leather and craftsmanship. Every Church’s shoe is a real masterpiece and takes about two months to manufacture as it goes through several individual operations in order to satisfy every single aesthetic and quality requirements. These are the reasons why an influent man like Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister, considers his Church’s pair not as ordinary shoes, but as his “lucky pair”.

A wide range of  luxury Churchs shoes

Featuring chameleonic qualities, Church’s seamlessly integrates a casual or formal look. The high-gloss shine of the Dubai brogues can easily uplift the elegance of your outfit. If you want to add a bit of fantasy in a formal shoe, then the Toronto brogues would be perfect, featuring a perforated motif on top and on the sides. For a casual and yet still elegant look, Church’s Luigi suede loafers make an excellent choice and are available in taupe and brown.

Leader in the industry of luxury footwear, Churchs is an English brand founded in 1873 by Thomas Church and his sons. This family-owned company is the fruit of a long-held tradition of artisanal shoemaking initiated by Church Stone in 1675, which has been passed on to the future generations. Headquartered in the St James area of Northampton, Church’s achieved a power of influence among the young male British population and later on conquered international markets such as Europe, America, and Japan. The brand is widely exported all around the world, with up to 70% of its production.

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3 Items