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CONVERSE, the American shoes

It is Marquis Mills Converse who had the great idea to create the Converse Rubber Shoe Company in 1908 after having working in a footwear manufactory for a long time. The manufacture was first based in Malden, Massachusetts. The first footwear they produced were boots with rubber soles, perfect for winter. The production of these boots still increased for a long period of time. But Mills decided in 1915 to vary their products by exploring the sport shoes market. In 1917, the Converse All Star was created, a type of sneakers made with black canvas and white rubber soles. They immediately seduced all basketball players.

CONVERSE, a success story.

“All Star” was a perfect name and made the sneakers more attractive. Even Chuck Taylor, a renowned basketball player of Akron Firestone, worked for the company in 1921. He definitely contributed to the success of the All Star because he was the ambassador of the brand in all the United States and worked to improve the kick’s design. In 1932, the company added Chuck Taylor’s name on the Converse All Star patch and they became real basketball shoes. There were also badminton shoes , with Jack Purcell’s name on it, a five time badminton champion of Canada. Only in the 1960s came the first colored All Star. They came with the creation of the NBA and were more than ever associated with basketball. Then, Converse produced the All Star with different fabrics and presented All Star special variants for Basketball : the Pro Leather, the Weapon and the All Star 2000. The other variants are now worn by simple people from generation to generation.

The legendary Converse brand was established in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse, in Massachusetts, USA, under the name of Converse Rubber Shoes Company. The Converse Star, its flagship model, propelled the brand onto the international scene when Chuck Taylor, the famous basketball player, wore them during his matches. Iconic and timeless, Converse footwear has become a real wardrobe essential.
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