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Eccentric, rebellious, fearless: Diesel has not gone unnoticed, since its creation in Italy in 1978 by Renzo Rosso. Best known for its jeans, the brand’s aim is to create trends and not follow them – a credo that Diesel has maintained for more than 30 years with quality products and provocative advertising campaigns. Decisively young and urban, Diesel now represents a creative empire.

DIESEL, founded by an ambitious man.

The idea to create the company Diesel was from Renzo Rosso. To understand his intention since the first day, it’s essential to know the man. He was born in 1955 in Italia and was very ambitious from his early years. He was determined to be more than a simple worker. After his studies in a fashion school, he became a great designer and worked for Adriano Goldschmied in a pants manufacture, at the age of 20. And Diesel history started there.

DIESEL, an Italian brand for men's wear

He bought, in 1978, 40% of Adriano’s company shares and changed its name to Diesel. Due to his ambition to create an international brand, Renzo Rosso chose the name Diesel as it is easy to pronounce in many languages. The same year, he launched a collection of Diesel jeans. He acquired the totality of Adriano’s shares in 1985 and placed Diesel headquarters in Braganza, Italia. The production was first oriented to jeans but nowadays, they have other men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing too. They work with different brands like Adidas, Fossil, L’Oréal, Fiat and have footwear  (including low and top sneakers), jewels, glasses, watches … Diesel goal was to conquer the international market and it’s all done.

DIESEL men's collection

There are 5000 retailers of Diesel brand, including 300 Diesel shops. They are scattered in 80 countries in the world. Since 1991, Diesel started its international advertising campaigns and the first was “For successful living”. They make creative campaigns which are often controversial in some point of view, but contribute a lot to the fame of the brand.