Fred Perry is a former British tennis player who collaborated with his friend, Tibby Wegner, an Australian tennis player, in 1952, in order to create a brand dedicated to male tennis players. The two men’s first creation were terry wrists; then, they decided to extend their lines by producing polo shirts, which became well-known worldwide. Later on, they kept on designing other clothing and accessories such as shoes and bags.

Fred perry

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Fred Perry, the history of innovation.

The history of the clothing and accessories brand that took after the name of its founder Fred Perry started in 1947 when the tennis man noticed that the green shirts worn by tennis players in Wimbledon looked like the Army’s uniform. Due to this, he offered 75 white polo shirts to the tennis team, and in order to thank him for his act of sponsorship, the tennis players decided to embroider a laurel wreath on the chest of the tops, which has become the brand’s signature on its products until today. Fred Perry had been associated with a movement of young modernists in the 1950s, which had greatly contributed in its renown. The polo shirts produced by this brand became the symbol of the movement, to which different influences of Caribbean immigrants’ music cultures have been added, in order to give birth to the skinhead’s style starting in the 1960s.

Fred Perry, a rich collection of simple but authentic clothing and accessories.

Fred Perry is known for the authentic and simple styles of its products, which are seen through its collections of various stylish tops, bottoms, footwear and accessories. For the tops, for instance, you will be able to choose from the simple white polo shirts and the colourful T-shirts it offers. You will get the chance to pick the design you would like to have in order to enhance your wardrobe either for your casual sports look or streetwear look. For the shoes, there is nothing to worry about as there are various styles from which you can pick from according to the look you would like to adopt, such as moccasins, derby shoes and sneakers.