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It was following the meeting of Jeremy Hackett and Ashley Lloyd-Jennings in 1979 on Portobello Road that the story of Hackett takes off. Initially offering second-hand clothes, in 1985 the duo decided to make their own clothes (polos, shirts, suits, ...). Closely linked with the polo world, in the following years Hackett gained an unprecedented success, making the brand a key player of British fashion.

HACKETT, for real British gentlemen.

The creation of Hackett was a destiny, born from the encounter of Jeremy Hackett and Ashley Lloyd-Jennings in the Portobello Road in West London. The two of them were looking for bargains, second-hand men’s clothing. They discovered that they have a common passion : traditional British wear and sophisticated fashion. They did not wait longer to open a store named Hackett in London, in 1983.

HACKETT, the concept.

This store gathered together all the top-of-the-line second-hand clothing and accessories that they found, mainly in antique markets. They aimed at customers from high society. The demands even increased so much that they decided to create new clothes from their own inspirations but did not dissociate them with their passion. As they wanted to put the British signature on all of their products, they used natural fibers from British islands for their creations. The concept was really attracting and they opened many other shops in this zone in 1986. The first shop abroad opened in Madrid. In the 1990s, there were 11 Hackett shops in Europe.

HACKETT, the owners.

In 1992, Dunhill Holding PC acquired Hackett and helped the brand to open other stores. They also produced other collections like children’s wear, accessories, menswear, formal kit, tailoring and eyewear. Then, Dunhill Holding PC went into partnership with the group Richemont. The fruit of this partnership is that nowadays, Hackett has stores in Europe, Honk Kong and Dubai. In 2005, the Pepe London Group bought Hackett from Richemont. In 2015, the brand has been bought again and its actual parent company is Torreal SCR SA.

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85 Items