Lacoste was founded in 1933, when the tennis player René Lacoste revolutionised the codes of menswear on the courts, by replacing the shirt by what would become the iconic Lacoste polo. Based on authentic sporting roots, the Lacoste style combines elegance and a laid-back attitude, with an ever-present enthusiasm as the announcement of the brand’s motto: “A little air on Earth”.


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Lacoste, about the founders.

Lacoste’s story began with the Frenchman Jean René Lacoste. René Lacoste was born on July 2nd 1904 and died on October 12th 1996. He is a world champion tennis player, who belongs to the famous “Musketeers” team. From 1925 to 1929, René Lacoste won the Wimbledon twice, the French Open 3 times and the U.S. Open at Forest Hills twice. In 1926, René Lacoste came in short sleeves in the U.S. Open. His idea was inspired by polo player’s uniforms, which allow free movement. On the other hand, René Lacoste is also a business leader and a fashion designer. Among his creation, there were the hand-cranked device, the first metal tennis racket and of course, the popular La Chemise Lacoste, a sportswear line that he founded with André Gillier in 1923. André Gillier was the head of the largest French knitwear manufacturing firm at this time.

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Due to his tenacity while he was playing tennis, René Lacoste’s fans and journalists dubbed him “the alligator”. That is the reason why he asked a friend to draw him the reptile picture. And each time he attended tennis courts, René decided to use this logo and wore a blazer with the iconic alligator embroidered on it. After the conception of Lacoste Company, all products were embroidered with the animal. The products consist of clothing, shoes, perfumes, glasses, watches, etc. In 1952, Lacoste name was licensed by Vincent De Paul Draddy from Company Izod and became Izod Lacoste. Today, Devanlay Society has the license for Lacoste clothing products.