Comfortable and efficient: these are the pillars on which the New Balance products rest. Created in Boston at the beginning of the 1900s, the company initially devoted to orthopedic shoes now represents one of the leading equipment manufacturers in the shoe sector. The range varied thus was not only suitable for athletes, but also with a more casual line for the life of everyday.

New balance

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New Balance, a long story.

The original name was "New Balance Arch Support Company", created in 1906, by the British emigrant William J. Riley. The company produced arch supports and other accessories in Boston. And the name “New balance” came from this idea of arch support which was inspired by Riley from his observation of the perfect balance of the three-clawed foot of chickens. In 1927, Riley hired Arthur Hall, who became his business partner in 1934. In 1956, Hall sold the business to his daughter Eleonor with her husband Paul Kidd. They kept on selling arch supports, but began in 1960 to design and create the Trackster, which was the world first running shoe. New Balance athletic shoes were born in 1966, in Boston, Massachusetts.

New Balance sold to Jim Davis.

Young Men Christian Association programs quickly supported the Trackster, and College and Private High School teams became attracted by the athletic shoe as well. In 1972, Jim Davis purchased the company the same day as the Boston Marathon. At the beginning, Jim and his wife Anne run the company with 6 employees and 30 pairs of production a day.

New Balance, in the right place at the right time.

The 1970s is the year when athletics began to flourish in America, in Boston, where New Balance athletic shoe got birth and therefore grew in very healthy conditions. New Balance is present in the USA, the UK and in Europe. Despite the fact that the brand is reputed to be expensive, they reached 40 billion dollars as total profit in 1991. In 2015, the company intends to be part of the global soccer market.