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Piola : extraordinary shoes

The Piola Ica sneakers are one of the most renowned models. The Ica Polido bottle-green leather low-top sneakers are as comfortable as good-looking. How would you feel to wear shoes with soles made with rubber from the Peruvian Amazon? This is definitely special. Have in mind that Piola buys this specific rubber 100% more expensive than the local price. The Puno black tweed low-top sneakers are stylish and sober, and perfectly combine tweed and leather. These are the kind of shoes one can be proud of.

Piola : stylish and environmentally friendly shoes

The Chukka slippery elm high-tops with tobacco brown leather lining model shows a sophisticated and stylish design. The rubber sole, the interior fabric and the organic cotton lining all come from environmentally friendly production. They are the perfect shoes for responsible and fashionable youth. The Cantuna brown leather notched sole derbies are classy and can be worn on every occasion. The moccasin stitching, the perforated toe, the gum and wooden sole make those low-upper derbies very strong and comfortable.

Piola’s difference from most other brands is that they care more about contributing to the welfare of their material suppliers and laborers than about their financial success. When Antoine Burnier started the company in 2011 with his friends Quentin Richard and Josh Rudd, it was in thought of the Peruvian rubber and cotton producers. Today, thanks to the combination of competent Portuguese manufacturers, Italian leather and French design, Piola shoes are getting more and more successful, with 90 shops spread in 13 countries.

5 Items
5 Items