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PUMA, a history of disagreement.

The official creation date of the brand Puma is 1948 but their history actually started way before as it is linked with another famous brand’s history. In 1928, the Dassler family got into sport shoe manufacturing business with a company called Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik, which was founded by the two brothers Adolf and Rudolf. Due to some disagreement, they decided to go their own way and to create their company respectively. Puma was born from Rudolf Dassler’s initiative; then, the brand kept on progressing by making itself known all around the world with its innovative creations; one example of Puma’s innovative ideas is the creation of screw-in studs on their baskets. The label designed various sports clothing, shoes and accessories, which have been produced to ease athletes and sports lovers’ lives by offering them high comfort and durability. Furthermore, as it became better-known, the brand acquired famous people’s support, such as Michael Schumacher for example.

PUMA, everything you need for sports and casual urban looks.

Puma offers various collections of footwear, clothing and accessories, which are easy-to-wear and perfect for various kinds of looks depending on what you would like to adopt. For the footwear, you will be able to pick from running, training, soccer, golf or motorsports shoes, sneakers and sandals. Your choice will be up to the activity you would like to perform. Regarding the clothing, the brand has a wide range of T-shirts, polo shirts, soccer jerseys, sweatshirts, track jackets, trousers and shorts. When it comes to the accessories, you can choose what you need from their backpacks, bags, hats, belts, socks, watches and diverse sports equipment such as personalized soccer balls, gloves and scarves with your favourite teams’ logos.

Puma is a clothing and accessories brand born in 1948 from the exceptional history of two brothers, Rudolf Dassler, who founded Puma, and Adolf Dassler, who created Adidas. Initially known in the sportswear fashion world, Puma is nowadays one of the top brands producing stylish casual clothes that are ideal for various looks.

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8 Items