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REEBOK, 120 years of history.

1895 was an important year in Reebok’s history because this is when Joseph William Foster had the idea to produce running shoes to help the athletes to run faster. The company J.W Foster and Sons started to produce and sell their footwear in Bolton, England. Several years later, in 1958, Joseph William’s grandsons, Jeff and Joe Foster, took over the company and renamed it Reebok, from the Afrikaans name for an antelope. Reebok started to be known abroad thanks to Paul Fireman who got a license to distribute Reebok shoes in the USA.

REEBOK, proposing innovative footwear.

The success started in 1982 with the first athletic shoe, only for women, made to practice aerobic dance : the Reebok Freestyle. The aerobic just entered into fitness field and became so famous, and every woman practicing it wore a pair of Reebok Freestyle. In 1989, a new innovative sneaker was introduced by the brand : the Reebok Pump with manual air allocation, for basketball players. We also know Reebok for other collections like Reebok Ventilator, Reebok Zig, Reebok Nano … Likewise, the brand produces sportswear.

REEBOK, association and sponsoring.

Reebok has in its assets other brands like Rockport, Greg Norman and Ralph Lauren Footwear. The brand worked with many athletes : Venus Williams, Allen Iverson, Shaquille O’Neal, Thierry Henry, Iker Casillas and many others, which propels the brand among sportswear and footwear leaders. Reebok has sponsoring contracts with the NFL, the NBA and WNBA, the NHL … The German brand and competitor of the brand, Adidas, bought Reebok in 2005 but Reebok kept its brand image.

The brand founded in 1895 by Joseph William Foster was the first business to offer spiked running shoes. J.W. Foster and Sons produced all its shoes by hand and aquired a clientele of international athletes. Renamed by the founder's grandsons in 1958 after a breed of South African antilope, Reebok was born.
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