Samsoe and Samsoe was founded in 1993 in the Latin Quarter of Copenhagen. The brand focuses on an extremely effective simplicity of cut, and raw details to punctuate the clothes with an original twist, offering ideal clothing for everyday wear.

Samsoe and samsoe

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SAMSØE AND SAMSØE, faithful to its roots.

Samsøe and Samsøe started as a jewelry shop in Copenhagen. It was founded by two brothers : Klaus and Preben Samsøe, in 1991. These determined young Danish had plenty of inspiration to spare and was driven by the Scandinavian style, really present in their creations. Little by little, they reoriented their brand around clothing and launched a menswear line in 1993. And the styles of their clothes were the quintessence itself of Scandinavian design. It was simple and sober but chic. And it seduced.


They rapidly launched a women’s wear collection and it went better for the brand. With a special regard on details which, Scandinavian style obliged, were numerous, Samsøe and Samsøe used superior quality of fabrics like cotton and silk. They give preferentiality to casual chic than sportswear and always follow trendy fashion as they keep their simplicity. Moreover, they use neutral colors for more liberty, with a touch of combined vintage and modernity. Since 2000, Danish people were so numerous to adopt their style that Samsøe and Samsøe became one of the biggest brands of Denmark. Scandinavian men and women, but also Europeans, were so attracted by its style.

SAMSØE AND SAMSØE, some pieces of fashion.

We can find under the brand Samsøe and Samsøe : pants with more adjusted cuts like chinos, parkas with velvet hood, jackets, printed T-shirt, dresses, stripy shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, shoes and many accessories. They are proposed with self-colored, patterned or printed fabrics. But don’t worry, with Samsøe and Samsøe, the term “too-much” does not exist.