Under Armour is one of the top five sportswear brands in the whole world and was founded by Kevin Plank, who was the captain of the University of Maryland’s football team back in 1996. Plank’s idea of creating sportswear was born when he found out that their T-shirts made with cotton were wet and became very heavy due to their sweat, after every game they had to play.

Under armour

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Under Armour, real innovation in sports clothing and accessories.

Under Armour’s history started when Plank had the idea of designing light T-shirts, for football players, which will resist to sweating and will allow whoever is wearing them to feel comfortable no matter how hot the weather might be. He had been looking for the best fabrics all around New York to produce these tops, and some of his former colleagues helped him in improving the design. Once he had the design ready, he worked on getting the funds to start his clothing manufacturing company, which was based in his grandmother basement. Twelve months later, he did his first sell to the football team of Georgia Tech, and became later on the official supplier of this team. In 1997, Under Armour moved to Ohio, and they kept on becoming better-known for creating high quality and comfortable sports clothes. Starting in 2011, they became well-known worldwide and the famous football player named Jeff George was wearing one of their creations on the cover of the journal USA today.

Under Armour, various sports clothing and accessories for those who want to stay fit.

Under Armour offers rich collections of clothing ranging from various tops such as T-shirts and sweatshirts to bottoms such as trousers, shorts and Bermuda shorts. It has everything you need when it comes to sports as it also has a collection of various stylish shoes such as sneakers for different kinds of activities: for example basketball, football, rugby, training and running. Regarding the accessories, you will be able to choose from their wide range of bags, belts and underwear.