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Vans’ start.

Vans was a Californian brand for sport shoes, especially for skateboard, BMX and snowboard, created by Serge D’Elia, James Van Doren, Gordon Lee and Paul Van Doren. They were inspired by their common passion for sliding sport activities. They launched the brand in March 1966 in Anaheim, California and opened their first retail store, which they branded Van Doren Rubber Company. Their first 12 pairs, which was the Vans #44 model, were all sold during the first day.

Vans’ style and audience.

Vans’ design is a casual style with a combination of colors and patterns, which aim is to create a sustainable, stylish and convenient sport shoes. The brand audience, at the beginning, was young people passionate of skateboard, which made the brand popular in High Schools and Colleges but also in streets and skate parks and brought it to the same level as the “All Star” of Converse.

Vans nearly ended.

In 1980, Vans focused on a wider range of audience and expanded his design creation with the Authentic, Old Skool, Era and others. Unfortunately, Vans’ creation, though various, lacked of originality in their design, which soon decreased their popularity and selling and led them to close the store. Later, the company was successively purchased by other brands. In 2004, VF Corporation purchased Vans and revived its popularity, and increased its sales through sponsoring skate and rock stars. A clothing line was also launched. In 2015, Vans collaborated with Disney for the production of clothing, shoes and accessories bearing Disney princesses pictures.

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