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A bag for each need.

Bags are one of those accessories one never thought would be so essential for men. But just in the same range as women’s bags, men’s bags are needed every day, everywhere, for work, for leisure, for sport, for travel, for holidays. And more than a functional accessory, they have also become an important piece of fashion, available in multiple models, as here on Menlook : tote bags, pouches, satchels, laptop bags, backpacks or shoulder bags. So according to your need, find here the right bag.

Bags, a functional accessory.

As we said, and even if a bag does enhance a man’s outfit, they are also and firstly functional accessories. The backpack is surely the most appreciated and practical for all men, suitable for work, family or leisure, having a great storage capacity and practicality with all its pockets. They are now available in very flashy colors and incredible designs. According to the new advance in technology, men also need a new type of bags nowadays : laptop bags, which, according to its name, will be used to carry a laptop. And for the rest, just choose your bag according to your taste of colors and materials.

A wide range of sports bags on Menlook.

On Menlook, you will find a wide range of gym bags of all sorts. There are rucksacks that can be carried on the back, there are also bags that are to be carried on one shoulder. We also have very big bags of 25 or 25 L for adventurers, ideal for a trekking. You will also find what are called messenger bags, like those of postmen, wash bags for your hygiene items, climb bags with both coves and straps on the back, transport bag, duffle bag, carry-on bag, hip pack, or even a backpack vest, which can be useful, as its name says, both as a vest and as a bag. You can also opt here for whatever color you want, and from major brands such as Fjäll Räven, Patagonia, The Kooples Sport, Lacoste, The North Face, etc.

The choice of a sports bag.

While choosing a sports bag, many criteria are to be taken into account, namely amongst others : the pockets, the price, the material, the straps, the weight etc. The first thing to consider is the frequency of need of the bag, will it only be used to transport necessities for sports or also for anything else; the more you will use your bag, the higher its quality should be. Then you also need to check if material, color, label or design matter to you. Most sports bags are made out of leather, nylon or canvas. Leather is usually the most expensive, it is a mark of success and high status. Canvas sports bags (cotton or linen) last longer and are cheaper than leather, besides, they are also lighter, so more practical. Nylon sports bags are not of the best quality, but in terms of fashion, they have the greatest designs and colors. Another criterion for the choice of a gym bag is the design, and just like the material, you will favor one or another design according to the use. The size is important according to what you will transport in your bag. Bags can also have straps, wheels, and one or more compartments.


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178 Items