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Belts & Braces

Belts and braces for men.

More than accessories to support trousers, belts and braces have become important pieces of fashion for men, as well as they assure their comfort while wearing trousers. You will discover an incredible collection of great designed men’s belts and braces on Menlook, offered by major labels such as Lacoste, Paul Smith Accessory, Nixon, Calvin Klein, Diesel etc. Very simple and in standard colors (black or brown) or with more fanciful buckles or tones, our unique and stylish products will enhance your outfit.

Belts or braces, everyone is free to choose.

Wearing a belt or braces, every man has asked himself the question once or twice. It’s all a question of taste and comfort. The belt has existed from the Bronze Age. Closing from the left for the male counterparts, it is a flexible leather or heavy cloth strap or band worn around the waist to give the trousers the perfect fit. The braces, for their part, have been invented in 1820 by Albert Thurston. They are worn over the shoulders. They might have woven cloth or elasticated straps, X or Y shaped, attached to the pants with buttons or clips. Decorative and utilitarian, know that you can have both belts and braces in your wardrobe, but just know that you should never wear them together at the same time.

Belts & Braces

129 Items
129 Items