• abbie rose

    abbie rose

  • abercrombie fitch

    abercrombie fitch

  • acne studios

    acne studios

    The Swedish design collective Acne was created in 1996 according to its founder Jonny Johansson‘s vision: to be open and inventive – Acne stands for Ambition to Create New Expressions. First Acne jeans rose to stardom, shortly followed by its women’s and menswear lines. Acne is more than a just a clothing brand: its interdisciplinary projects range from fashion to publishing and animation. Discover our wide range of shoes, boots and Acne jeans

  • adidas by raf simons

    adidas by raf simons

  • adidas by rick owens

    adidas by rick owens

  • adidas originals

    adidas originals

    The roots of the famous brand with three stripes go back to the 1920s, when Adolf Dassler owned a shoe factory with his brother Rudolf. Better known by the nickname Adi Dassler, he went on to found the brand Adidas in 1949. Currently one of the 10 most famous brands in the world, adidas is unquestionably a flagship for fashion inspired sportswear. Discover our selection of clothes, shoes and sneakers.
  • adidas performance

    adidas performance

  • alexander smith

    alexander smith

  • alpha industries

    alpha industries

    Alpha Industries is a clothing manufacturer located in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, founded in 1959. Beginning their production for the United States military, they now stay in the same military style and sell flight jackets and vests. Those garments are made for human, but also for dogs.

  • anchor and crew

    anchor and crew

  • antony morato

    antony morato

  • armani collezioni

    armani collezioni

  • armani jeans

    armani jeans

    Armani Jeans is the younger line from Giorgio Armani, offering contemporary and easy-to-wear clothing. The brand aims to open up the style and design of the Italian designer to a wider audience. The collection has many jeans and leather items, as well as basics such as printed t-shirts or Armani bags. Discover all of the Armani Jeans collection exclusively on Menlook.
  • armogan New


  • asics New


    ASICS was initially known as Onitsuka Co. Ltd. which is a footwear company founded by a shoemaker named Kihachiro Onitsuka in Japan in 1949. They became better-known in the sports world due to the fact that various famous athletes wore their creations. Nowadays, they are considered as one of the top brands producing sportswear and accessories on the international market.

  • aspesi


  • avant toi

    avant toi


  • bailey hollywood

    bailey hollywood

  • baldessarini


  • balmondain


  • barbara i gongini

    barbara i gongini

  • barbati


  • basus


    The urban contemporary lines of Basus men's clothing are inspired by the fusion of city life with nature. Street fashion from Basus is always casual but with unexpected surprises such as the use of Portuguese cork leather. This new textile is symbolic of the Basus dedication to eco-conscious fashion.

  • battling joe

    battling joe

  • be positive

    be positive

    Simplicity and efficiency: It was with this belief that the Italian brand of shoes Be Positive was created. At the crossroads between traditional Italian elegance and innovative research into comfort technology, the brand’s shoes were first released in 2007 and quickly saw great success, notably with the brand’s chukkas.
  • ben sherman

    ben sherman

    The legendary British fashion brand, Ben Sherman, was founded in 1963 under the leadership of Arthur Benjamin Sugarman in Brighton. Firmly associated with the musical universe - and particularly with punk and brit-pop currents - Ben Sherman now enjoys great success worldwide with lines for men, women and children.
  • bench


  • billy belt

    billy belt

  • boregart


  • boris bidjan saberi

    boris bidjan saberi

    The varied influences of Boris Bidjan Saberi’s upbringing – the designer celebrates both his European and Middle-Eastern heritage – is reflected in the diversity of his luxury clothing. Boris Bidjan Saberi men's Clothing fuses skate and street culture, while maintaining functionality, quality and exclusivity.

  • boss hugo boss

    boss hugo boss

  • brixton


  • brownie and blondie

    brownie and blondie

    Brownie and Blondie are eclectic, known as a unisex brand, linked to defining a new corporate feel. The office style tends towards the monochrome, but they have developed an individualised style in somewhere non-individualised. Brownie and Blondie men's clothing has something for both the street and the corporate world.

  • bruce field

    bruce field

    Founded in 1978, Bruce Field offers collections of elegant and timeless ready-to-wear . Inspired both Latins and British classics the brand always makes sure to add its Parisian touch. Shirt specialist , makes all of the button down coton shirt in France. The best fabrics 100% cotton two-ply are selected to achieve quality shirts.
  • burberry



  • cacharel


  • calvin klein

    calvin klein

  • camper


  • castelijn beerens

    castelijn beerens

  • cerruti


  • cheapo


  • christian lacroix

    christian lacroix

  • churchs


    Church’s, a pillar of British shoe-making history: founded in 1873, the legendary brand is now renowned the world over, whilst remaining a real family business, with production still firmly in the hands of the Northampton artisans. At the heights of masculine elegance, Church’s formal shoes have become iconic, the artisanal production making them a veritable masterpiece.
  • clae


    Clae is a footwear brand that was founded in California in 2001. The label aims at modernizing the classic shoes in order to have models that fit nowaday’s active lifestyle, stylish and comfortable. Clae uses premium materials and leather to ensure the good quality of their shoes, always committing to innovation and new designs.

  • clarks


    Clarks unites style and expertise, and today is recognized as a global leader in the formal shoe industry. Founded by brothers Cyrus and James Clark in Somerset, England, back in 1830, the brand is now worn all over the world, with around 50 million pairs of shoes distributed every year.
  • classic italy

    classic italy

  • closed


    CLosed was launched in the 70s, and gained in notoriety when Gordon Giers, Hans Redlefsen and Til Nadler took over the helm in the 80s. With a rich experience of fashion– from Gucci, to Costume National and Prada – the Closed trio have considerably transformed the brand, while respecting its values of origin, enabling it to become an international player on the fashion scene.
  • cor sine labe doli

    cor sine labe doli

  • crespin




  • eastpak


    Eastpak was launched in 1960 by Monte Goldman, and originally made bags especially for the armed forces. After noticing that students would use military bags to go to school, Eastpak branched out to become a must-have at school and university. Thanks to the sturdy textile fabric Cordura, Eastpak’s range of bags and accessories combine durability and style.
  • ermenegildo zegna

    ermenegildo zegna

  • escentric molecules

    escentric molecules

    Look to Escentric Molecules men's clothing next to your skin. The item they sell is not stylish suits, or dignified loafers but specialised perfumes modelled by the self styled mad molecular master Geza Schoen who used work such as On The Road to make Escentric Molecules a perfume for a true man.

  • escuyer


  • etiquette clothiers

    etiquette clothiers

    Started in New York in 2012, Etiquette Clothiers focuses on artisan crafted and luxuriously comfortable basics of socks, loungewear, underwear and swimwear perfectly designed for those embracing a "slow life" approach to relaxation. Etiquette Clothiers men's clothing is made up of head-to-toe basics delivering true comfort and understated style.



  • G-Star


    “Just the product”: G-Star has stuck to this philosophy since its creation in 1989. Based in Amsterdam, the brand initially known as “Gap Star” before it went world-wide, promotes the pure beauty of jeans, making raw denim into a desired and essential material, with particular emphasis placed on the cuts, proportions and an acute sense of detail. Discover our selection of clothes, jeans and G-Star jackets.
  • galucebo


  • ganryu


  • gear3


  • george gina lucy

    george gina lucy

  • gideon john

    gideon john

  • golden goose

    golden goose

  • gom paris

    gom paris

  • gosha rubchinskiy

    gosha rubchinskiy

  • goti


    Tuscan designer Riccardo Goti’s unique handcrafted jewellery blends leather with metal to create strong, individual pieces. Goti men's clothing is delicately honed and possesses a sense of deliberate dishevelment, mixing leather with silver and brass. Goti men’s clothing is distinct, sexy and powerful.

  • gottmann


  • guess


  • gustave cie

    gustave cie




  • Jack & Jones

    Jack & Jones

    Jack & Jones is a Danish and Swedish chain store, founded in 1989 and created by Bestseller, a Danish clothing company. The company became publically known as a real menswear brand in 1990, thanks to a chosen collection for young men, during Oslo fashion fair in Norway. In 1991, it became one of the jeans brand leaders on the market and its stores number increased quickly to hundreds during the following few several years
  • japan rags

    japan rags

  • jaqk


  • jason markk

    jason markk

  • jeremy scott

    jeremy scott

  • jimmy choo

    jimmy choo


  • k swiss

    k swiss

  • K-Way


    K-Way was created in 1965 by Léon-Claude Duhamel, and has become the go-to brand for light, rain-resistant outerwear. These waterproof windbreakers are a timeless classic that has protected a generation from the rain. A wet-weather wardrobe essential in any man’s wardrobe.
  • kaporal


  • kebello


  • kiliwatch


  • ktz


    The London label Ktz was born in 2003 under the creative guidance of Marjan Pejoski and Sasko Bezovski. Ktz men's clothing showcases cutting-edge new designers influenced by a blend of music, urban fashion and multicultural inspirations. Ktz clothing mixes street edge with raw energy to create a unique label.

  • kuboraum


    The Kuboraum men's fashion line takes the concept of optical glasses a step further, defining them as masks that give wearers the freedom to change their identity and outlook on the world. Working from flagship showrooms in Berlin, Kuboraum optical accessories fuse cutting edge technology with art and sculpture.


  • le coq sportif

    le coq sportif

    Le Coq Sportif is an iconic French sportwear brand, dressing many a star sportsman for over a century. Since Emile Camuset founded the brand in 1882, the French brand has continued to fuse practicality and style, lending the comfort of sportswear to a casual style.
  • le feuillet

    le feuillet

  • le temps des cerises

    le temps des cerises

  • leather crown

    leather crown

  • lee


    Lee is an American denim brand rooted in a strong workwear history. Since the creation of its first overalls in 1911, Lee went on to launch the legandary Union-All. Over the last 120 years, Lee has developed into an authentic clothing brand in the jeans sector, with a large range of cuts and washes for men, women and children.
  • lenger


  • les art ists

    les art ists

  • les hommes urban

    les hommes urban

  • Levi's


  • litoral


  • louis quatorze

    louis quatorze

  • ltb



  • maison voliaire

    maison voliaire

  • marcelo burlon

    marcelo burlon

  • marlboro classic

    marlboro classic

  • massimo vello

    massimo vello

  • maxwell scott bags

    maxwell scott bags

  • mcq


  • McQ by Alexander McQueen

    McQ by Alexander McQueen

    Theatrical, violent, dramatic: McQ by Alexander McQueen leaves no one bored. Launched in 2006 as an extension of the brand Alexander McQueen, McQ is nevertheless just an intense. Alexander McQueen represents one of the best known designers, respected and missed in these last decades: After starting on Saville Row then in the house of Givenchy from 1996 to 2001, he launched his own brand.
  • meltin pot

    meltin pot

  • melvin hamilton

    melvin hamilton

  • mes lacets

    mes lacets

  • misericordia


    Misericordia was created by Aurelyn in 2002, a name having reference to the institutional sewing school “Nuestra Señora de la Misericordia”. The visions of two partners was simple: to give another face to the slums of Lima and fight against the fatality by getting involved in real avant-garde projects, combining artistic creation and social commitment.
  • mister shoes

    mister shoes

  • modissima


  • monsieur charli

    monsieur charli

  • mujjo


  • mykita


    Mykita men's fashion features eyewear collections that blend innovation, visionary technology in the optical sciences and high-fashion appeal. With a following in over 80 countries across the globe, Mykita features frames for sunglasses and prescription glasses that are always ahead of the trend. Mykita glasses are the perfect accessory.


  • native youth

    native youth

    Inspired by his travels around the world Ash Kumar started his Native Youth line in Manchester, Britain in 2012. Native Youth designs for a confident young generation which knows and follows the trends it likes. Native Youth men's clothing features separates and outerwear with a distinctive yet timeless appeal.

  • nike


  • noyoco



  • off white

    off white

    Hip Hop meets fashion in this collection designed by Kanye West's creative director, Virgil Abloh, who originally trained as an architect. Described as 'rooted in culture' Off White men's clothing is a young brand, that doesn't compromise on style. Off White is manufactured in Milan to exacting standards.

  • orciani


  • oxygen


  • ozed


  • ozify



  • paolo pecora

    paolo pecora

    Paolo Pecora Milano is an Italian fashion house having imposed its expertise of a simple and natural way. The philosophy of the brand floats around the concept of connection to nature and the materials from natural products. The strong influence of the wool drives Paolo Pecora to create a “total look” woollen based collection.

  • passy


  • pepe jeans

    pepe jeans

  • petrol industries

    petrol industries

  • peuterey


    Created in 1996, the Italian brand Peuterey was named after the summit of Mont-Blanc. It has a simple goal: to offer a complete wardrobe for men and women who live in the city with style and charisma, elegance and simplicity.
  • philippe model

    philippe model

  • pierre cardin

    pierre cardin

  • piola


    Piola Footwear is a combination of a promising designer from Paris, the finest raw materials from Peru and Italy, and a first class assembly savoir-faire from Europe (Portugal) and result in the respect of Piola Footwear’s commitment: No compromise between design and Economic development project.
  • pochette square

    pochette square

  • polo ralph lauren

    polo ralph lauren

    More than a myth, a legend: Ralph Lauren is one of those rare designers who have profoundly marked the landscape of fashion as we know it today. Born in 1939 in New York, Ralph Lauren started as a salesman at Brooks Brothers before launching his own label, Polo, which had unprecedented success in the 70s. The best known examples are polos, shirts and Ralph Lauren shoes.

  • portman



  • rawrow


  • reebok


    The brand founded in 1895 by Joseph William Foster was the first business to offer spiked running shoes. J.W. Foster and Sons produced all its shoes by hand and aquired a clientele of international athletes. Renamed by the founder's grandsons in 1958 after a breed of South African antilope, Reebok was born.
  • rick owens

    rick owens

    Rick Owens is a clothing and accessories brand based in California, USA, which was founded by Rick Owens in 1994 but became better-known starting in 2001. It is a brand especially dedicated to those who are fans of dark colours and gothic cultures. Furthermore, it is also known for its minimalist style, which is suitable for those who are looking for clothes to enhance their casual wardrobe.

  • rick tailor

    rick tailor

  • roots


  • roundel london

    roundel london

    Roundel London is inspired by London in its creation of T-shirts, outerwear, relaxed tailoring and accessories for contemporary youth. Every season Roundel London men's clothing carries the story and spirit of London to cities across the world, highlighted by a label logo based on the iconic London Underground roundel.


  • salsa jeans

    salsa jeans

  • selected


    Created in 1997, Selected is a brand of the international clothing company BESTSELLER, a Danish family business founded in 1975. Present in 25 countries in the world, Selected is a unique interpretation of classical art of clothes making. In a contemporary style, the Danish brand offers current looks in a simple and unrefined style, allowing each person to express themselves through the clothes.
  • solid


  • stetson


    Founded in the 1860s by John Batterson Stetson, Stetson is a hat brand known for its first kind of hat called “Boss of the plains”, which style is inspired from the Western culture. This model is still sold until nowadays and it even became the brand’s signature. Despite the death of its founder in 1906, the brand Stetson still exists, which is mainly due to its renown in the world of hat manufacturing.

  • strellson


  • sundek


    SUNDEK is a brand of swimming trunks created in 1958. It was one of the first to specialise in sport. Faced with a growing success, the brand decided to expand its range and offer innovative solutions such as Velcro instead of a zip, and tropical colours that created the reputation of the brand. In 1972 appeared the famous rainbow shorts we all know.
  • superdry



  • t by alexander wang

    t by alexander wang

    Born in 1984 and known for his flawless tailoring, Alexander Wang launched the first mensewear collection for his T By Alexander Wang label in 2010. T By Alexander Wang men's clothing focuses on simple streetwear, mixing classic vibes with an edgy, urban twist.

  • the kase

    the kase

    Are The Kase men's clothing? Well they might be better described as designers of cases for iPhones, iPads, notebooks and similar items. They have several customised designs in a range of colours which are stocked by menlook.com. The Kase complements any fashion style.

  • the weekenders

    the weekenders

  • timberland


    The history of Timberland goes back to 1973 to the Abington Shoe Company, which launched the brand “Timberland” from the base of its company. Founded by Nathan Swartz, Timberland specializes in Outdoor fabric, particularly with the now incontrovertible shoes and boots, combining its New England roots and the urban setting in which we now evolve.
  • time for wood

    time for wood

  • tom rebl

    tom rebl

  • tom tailor

    tom tailor

  • tommy hilfiger

    tommy hilfiger

    Tomas Jacob Hilfiger started his career of designing by buying jeans, customizing and selling them in his shop. He had a dream: to launch his own brand, to the point where he even refused job offers from Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis. In 1984, his eponymous brand was finally launched and has since known a thriving success (shirts, polos, shoes...). In 2006 he joined the fight against cancer by creating a unique collection.
  • tweety



  • ugo cacciatori

    ugo cacciatori

  • unabux


  • ursul


    Ursul is a French company which produces jewelry, originally only for men, but which were later adopted by women. The brand was created in 2006 by Alexis Théry. Alexis' first team was composed of a Parisian leather craftsman, a jewelry designer (Ximena Alarcon Cavrois) and an architect (Felix Millory). Together, they created the first collection, which was awarded and made to public awareness in February 2006 in Bijorhca (International Exhibition of Jewelry), as "fashion star" with the Black Silver line for men
  • us polo assn

    us polo assn


  • vans


    It was in 1966 that the Van Doren Rubber Company opened its doors in Anaheim in California. In the middle of the 1970s the first skater shoe was created. Vans Sidestrip called Old Skool and Sk8-Hi were created and still represent today the style of the skater and surf scene of Southern California. A decidedly relaxed look, Vans shoes represent an ideal compromise between style and comfort.
  • visconti



  • wednesday whiskey

    wednesday whiskey

  • wesc


    The brand WeSC (pronounced [Wi, Es, Si]) was founded in Stockholm in 1999. WeSC (We are the Superlative Conspiracy) draws its inspiration from the “underground” culture: it is in fact known for sponsoring numerous Swedish artists and musicians, giving to them an image of an alternative brand. Represented by key figures such as Jason lee, WeSC now enjoys international recognition.
  • wrangler


    The history of Wrangler goes back to 1946, a year during which the Blue Bell Overall Company launched a line of clothing for cowboys, under the name of Wrangler, by partnering with the tailor Rodeo Ben. A true icon of denim from the West of American, the brand is particularly well known for authentic jeans according to the youth of the 70s. Discover also our selection of shirts, jackets and belts Wrangler.


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