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Casual Shirts

Dress code secret: how to wear casual shirts in order to have the most stylish and elegant look ever.

You might think that it is impossible to look elegant while wearing casual shirts; this is not always the case because you can still look stylish if you know how to carefully select the bottoms to wear with them. Casual shirts are parts of the essential pieces in men’s wardrobe nowadays due to the fact that they are easy-to-wear, perfect for weekdays as well as weekends, and they can be worn any time of the year no matter how the weather is. During cold season, you can wear them with outwear on top, while during warm season such as spring and summer, they can be worn by themselves. For instance, those who are not required to wear suits and tie at work can pick from the wide range of casual shirt’s designs to enhance their workwear looks. For a more relaxed weekend look for a summer party, for example, you can choose from the long-sleeved ones and you can roll-up the hems up to the elbows or in the middle of the forearms.

Find the styles of casual shirts you are looking for on Menlook.

Menlook offers a wide variety of casual shirts in terms of designs, cuts and colours; so, go ahead and check out its collections from various famous brands such as A.P.C., Armani, Billtornade, Calvin Klein, Carhartt Wip, Carven and a lot more. For the cuts, you will be able to select from the classic fit and the slim fit, which are both comfortable, but your choice will be just a matter of personal taste. In regards to the designs, especially for the collar, you will get to pick from tab, English, button-down, classic, contrast and forward point styles. With the colours as well, there are plenty of choices such as checked, stripes, printed, patterned, and plain which can be categorized in bright and dark tones.

Casual Shirts

Casual shirts, as the name says, are a type of top designed especially to be worn for casual looks, which cover people’s arms and chests. Nowadays, their designs consist of collars, long or short sleeves and button fastening in the front. They are available in various cuts and designs depending on everyone’s taste, and they are characterized as men’s must-haves in their wardrobe.

109 Items
109 Items