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Gloves and warmth function.

Hands are the only part of our body which is not protected by our clothes. That is why gloves were created and their first functionality is to protect the hand from the cold, to offer them an optimal protection, especially in winter. That is why they have to be manufactured in strong and thick materials, such as what we have here : acrylic, wool or leather. You will also choose the fabric according to your activities : lighter and easy to wear for work, and thicker and more protective for sportswear for example.

Gloves and trend function.

But over its warmth functionality, gloves have also become accessories of fashionable purpose for men and that is why major brands such as Armani Collezioni, Melindagloss, Gant, Selected, Penfield have invested in this field, in order to produce gloves that will complete and enlighten men’s outfits. Their imagination just has no limits. Patterns or bright colors (red for example) will be decisive for your choice. We also advise you to take a look on our other clothes or accessories : our scarves, hats or jackets will insure you a soft and kind winter, as well as our boots section to protect your feet as well as your hands.


4 Items
4 Items