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Light jackets

The origins of the jacket.

The origins of the jacket date back to the early Renaissance, with the so-called “jerkin”, its older version, a short tunic worn by men of this period. Then, in the beginning of the 18th century, the jacket became the typical uniform for the agricultural employees and the servants. Later, in the 1830s, the lounge jacket, with a single-breasted cut, became a trend amongst middle-class men, and especially for sports activities. If the lounge jacket began with 10 buttons, this number was reduced to 3 with the 19th century’s model. Jackets were then worn at society evenings, and took the name “dinner jacket”, which was in fact the top of a tuxedo. In the 20th century, the jacket is available in several versions: sports jackets, Norfolk jackets, blazers, anoraks … In fact, most upper parts of men’s suits are called jacket. The term is no more only linked to formal styles, but also to casual ones. It is manufactured in various fabrics such as cotton, tweed, wool, nylon, leather or suede.

Different types of jackets.

A jacket reflects a man’s style and personality, but every occasion also requires a different type of jacket, and that’s why it is better to have different kinds of jackets in one’s wardrobe. The utility jacket, also known as the military jacket, looks stylish and is perfect for the mid-season; it keeps from cold but is not too warm. The leather jacket became famous with James Dean; it is adapted to an urban style, for example with a pair of jeans. The bomber jacket is the perfect jacket for men’s street style, and comes in many different colors and patterns. The denim jacket, whether blue, black or in other colors, is a classic piece of garment for men. The suit jacket can be adapted to any outfit, whether casual or formal. The baseball jacket is a baseball inspired piece of clothing that is nowadays worn for a fresh sports style, with chinos or jeans. The high-neck jacket is also sporty and will protect you from cold or rain. All of those models and even more are available on Menlook, just make your choice!

Light jackets

A jacket is a short coat that is suitable for men as well as for women. Depending on its cut and style, and also the color, this piece of clothing can be worn for both formal and casual events. The secret of the perfect jacket is that it should be cut according to a man’s height and width. We offer here on Menlook a multitude of models to enrich each man’s wardrobe.

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80 Items