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The sandal’s style.

Straps and a sole, that’s everything needed for this great invention named sandal. Being the oldest form of shoes ever known, the sandal has evolved into hundreds of models all throughout the years. The first sandals date back to 5000 years ago, from Egyptian tombs. They were at that time reserved to the elite, only worn for outdoor activities, including travelling. Manufactured in leather, wood, PVC, sandals have become nowadays a fashionable footwear, mostly worn with shorts or light trousers and a T-shirt.

Sandals for men on Menlook.

Open shoes are so comfortable in hot summer temperatures. Farewell to sneakers, moccasins and so on, your feet will be able to breathe again. Choose among our sandals collection the right footwear for your strolls. With or without straps, they will provide you the greatest comfort. In white, blue, black, khaki, orange, grey or brown, decide yourself for the greatest brands : Nike, Birkenstock, Teva, Adidas or Diesel. In the same concept, you can also visit our espadrilles and flip flops sections for other light footwear, as well as our shorts line that will perfectly match with them. Also take advantage from the discounted sandals with 30 to 40% off.


Nothing says "holiday" like a new pair of sandals. Browse our selection of summer shoes to stay cool as temperatures rise with poolside slip-ons, sport sandals, beach shoes and more.

11 Items
11 Items