to wear your shirt (well)

While it's typical to only wear button-down shirts during more chic occasions, they fit just as perfectly with more relaxed outfits.

One basic model, but a multitude of possibilities: by varying the cut, the material and the colours, men's shirts will never be old news.

Chemise business

We'll never tire of this one. It's THE traditional shirt, designed in a straight cut or slightly tapered, and is a vital garment for the fanciest dress codes. Under a suit jacket, tucked into your pants, it may be white or light blue.

Chemise casual

This shirt is for those moments when a T-shirt seems a little too casual. In cotton, or in linen for the hottest days, there's a shirt for every mood. You can, of course, unbutton your collar and roll up your sleeves: this shirt is made for living.

Chemise urbaine

A nice shirt makes it easy to be well dressed without being stiff. You must iron it, and there's nothing quite like a slim cut for a contemporary look. Under a sweater your buttoned collar sends a clear message: you're not joking around when it comes to style.

Chemise estivale

Instead of calling it a short-sleeved shirt, we prefer to call it a summer shirt. Short sleeves for easier movement - that's allowed. In light cotton or linen to make it breathable. Finally, if a Hawaiian shirt feels like "too much", lighter colours are perfect.

Le denim de pied en cap

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Advice from Bonne Gueule

A button-down shirt is something we wear almost every day: at work, on the weekend, to go out... How should you wear it and choose the right size? Here's some advice to avoid making a mistake.

To know if a shirt is the right size, here's what you need to check:

- The seam on top of the sleeve must perfectly align with your shoulder, or it will look like your shoulders are sagging.

- Not too much room around the collar. You should be able to fit one finger there, but no more. There should be no folding at the chest from the armpits, or billowing

- The sleeves must stop at the wrist bone.

At work: Choose a poplin, twill or oxford. Get a long shirt that tucks into your pants.

Weekend shirt: Choose flannel in the winter and chambray in the summer (or even an oxford). A shorter shirt that can be worn with jeans or chinos.

Finally, don't try to find the perfect shirt. If you can't close a casual shirt at the neck it's not a big deal: you know you won't wear it with a tie. But be demanding about the fit at the chest and shoulders.

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