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Whether to protect the eyes from the rays of the sun or as an essential element of style and fashion, every modern gentleman deserves the best sunglasses. On Menlook, you will have a wide range of sunglasses from the major brands such as Linda Farrow, Super or Thierry Lasry, etc. The choice is all yours!

Sunglasses, a bit of history.

The very first form of sunglasses appeared in the Roman Empire, kind of gemstones worn on the eyes. Then, from the 12th century, Chinese judges wore colored quartz lenses to hide their eyes expressions during a verdict. In Europe, they showed up in an Italian painting in the 1350s. All of these early forms were just lenses that people needed to keep on their eyes with their hands, but the sidepieces to keep these glasses on the face were first created in the 1700s. And the sunglasses began to have a huge success in the U.S. in the 1920s with the brand Foster Grants, and even more later in 1936 with the “aviator” sunnies from Ray Ban, intended to protect the pilots of the Army Air Cops from high altitude glare. Ever since that time, a new giant industry began to develop, for the satisfaction of all fashion lovers, from ordinary people to Hollywood stars.

Men's Sunglasses : a matter of shape and colors.

Within our large variety of men's sunglasses on Menlook, there is one thing you can be sure of : there is no color you won’t find here, but just to name a few : beige, white, khaki, yellow, grey, blue, green, orange and so on, and we are not only talking about the frame, but also about the colors of the lenses. Most of the time, their colors are mixed for a very original result. Rectangle, round, square or any other existing shape, the choice is entirely yours and will be also taken according to your face shape. If you don’t know which shape to choose or what will fit you most, here is a little guide for men. If you have a round face, choose strong details with nosepads to keep off the cheeks; for a squared face, rounded or upswept shapes with thinner frames in neutral colors are prevailed; for an oval face, it’s better to adopt bold shapes with fun colors and textures; and for a heart face, the frames should be wider than the forehead, in light colors.

Sunglasses: Shape

Rectangle, round, square...the choice is yours. Understanding which shape of sunglasses works best for your face shape can help you choose the most flattering style. Here's a quick overview for men's sunglasses:

For a round face: strong details with nosepads to raise the lenses off your cheeks

For a square face: round or upswept shapes with thin frames in neutral colours for balance

For an oval face: bold shapes with fun colours and textures--almost anything will be ok!

For a heart-shaped face: frames wider than your forehead in light colours

Sunglasses: Colour

With our large variety of sunglasses, there's one thing you can be sure of: there is no colour you won’t find in our selection! Beige, white, khaki, yellow, orange...every colour represents a different style with a different mood. And colour isn't just for the frames--experimenting with different lens colours can instantly update your summer look.


112 Items
112 Items