A pro-skater in the 1980s, Jean Marc Vaissette went on to found V7, importing skate supplies from the USA. Discover the Menlook selection.


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Michael Vick, the founder of V7 story.

Michael Vick was the former professional quarterback of the National Football Leagues. He was also badly reputed for his cruelty to dogs, for he prepared them for dog fighting, and when one of them failed, then he tortured the animal to death, which he admitted and draw him to jail for 18 months. The man also got series of failure regarding his professional football career due to that case called “Bad News Kennels dog fighting investigation” : firstly the NFL suspended his contract, and the Falcons also asked him to reimburse the bonus money they gave him.

V7 to mark Vick’s rebirth.

At his release from prison, he signed a contract with the Philadelphia Eagles and later created V7, in July 2012, and launched a sports collection of athletic apparel and accessories, in order to realize his dream, but also as a way for him to redeem and finance the education of young people in need. That is the reason why he sold each collection at affordable prices and dedicated some part of the selling profit to the Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia where he grew up (a club which supports young people with difficulties). The brand’s name V7 is the combination of the founder’s name with his number on field. Vick’s V7 got success, especially within his fans and in parallel, his professional football career raised again. He renewed his contract with the Philadelphia Eagles until 2013, then moved to New York Jets in 2014 for 1 year contract and joined the Pittsburgh Steelers, also for 1 year contract in August 2015.